Wall Stickers XL

Feel free to change and customize your walls in a quick and easy way! This is the reason why wall stickers are a growing trend for home decor lovers and for all those who want to explore their creativity and make unique the home environment.

Easy to apply and remove these decorations allow you to renovate your home not only following a precise idea but also a fleeting desire (and maybe a bit risky!) with no regrets. Change your mind with wall stickers is not a problem! You will always have time to start from scratch by choosing a new subject, color or a new location to place the decoration.


In order to suit all tastes and differents needs, Dekoidea offers one of the largest on line catalogs for both quantity and variety of decorative ideas. This catalog is in continuous updating because research, experimentation and innovation are a trademark for Dekoidea.

In recent months in fact the e-shop has received new collections such as Disney Home Decor, GoBig Wall Panels and BellaCasa introducing new materials and printing techniques. These changes have also affected the adhesive decoration  which we can now define more traditional.

So, welcome to 4  XL new decorations which could be added to the classic wall stickers:

Leaves Bicycle

World Maps XL Ramage


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